Little Framers

As you know, Christmas is just a few days away!  Here at the Frame Studio our little elves have been very busy working to make sure everyone has their gifts for the holidays.

With a portrait studio and a fine custom frame shop side by side,

our clients enjoy being able to complete their projects from start to finish without having to decide where to shop.

Sabrina, a portrait client, has been wanting her family portrait on her mantel for a very long time.

She had a fantastic time laughing and playing with her entire family during their photo session.

Not only did her twins, Ava and Ryan love playing with Jennifer and I during the shoot, but they were so excited to come back in and help their mommy choose the very best frame to compliment their 20 x 24 inch family portrait.

At the age of 3, these gorgeous children sat up at our big framing table and gave us every opinion they had about which frame would work best on their family picture.

It was just such a cute moment that I had to photograph it.  They look like little adults making decisions!

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