An Elegant Ketubah with an Simple Solution

A Ketubah is a beautiful way to declare your love.  Many involve intricate illustrations, patterns, cut outs, and even embossed pieces of foil.  THE FRAME STUDIO recently had a client bring in this amazingly intricate lace cut ketubah for custom framing.  The only colors other than the white of the paper and the black of the text were a few spots of reflective gold leaf.  The simple white 8 ply mat that was chosen gives depth, while the matt gold board behind the ketubah shows through to accentuate the cut pattern in the paper without being as harsh as black or brown .  Both work along with the piece without adding any extra color.   The shiny wide gold frame pulls the whole package together while highlighting the gold leaf on the art – simply elegant!  We just love the way this turned out, and the clients did too.  Now they have a constant reminder of their love on display in their home.

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