before and after

The thought of a custom frame making any piece better seems like a no brainer, but for some reason seeing the final result makes you realize how great the artwork really is. When this painting came in my first thought was, “oh that’s a nice painting”, nothing more nothing less. When I started watching the frame come together, I was more inclined to comment on the frame then the art piece. That is until I saw the final piece framed. When I walked away from framing the painting and came back to it, my thoughts changed from, “ohh thats a nice piece” to ” wow, that looks like it belongs in a gallery”. The combination of the black frame with the white cloth liner and the gold fillet, really took this piece from a painting, to a museum quality piece. This framing project gave me a refreshed perspective on how much of a difference custom framing any piece can make, you judge for yourself.

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