Kids Art

Girly girl or Tom boy?

This is Autumn, and she is something.  When asked what her favorite things were so that we could be inspired for decorating her Name Frame, she said, "Football... (long thinking pause)...AND FLOWERS!"  So that is exactly what she got.  Putting the turquise fringe around the outside of her frame really tickled her.  When we told her she could do that, her eyes were as big as silver dollars. 
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The Name Frame

The name frame is a popular gift for the kids in your life.  They are individually designed to fit their personalities, their favorite hobbies or their room decor.  They are intentionally without photographs so that they can remain on the walls for years without looking out dated.  The embellishments are 3 D and the variety is endless.  A few minutes of brainstorming about your child and we'll have something tailor made.
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