Make Your House a Home

Are you wondering what it is that makes a house a home? Well, we’ll get to that. But how about the things that don’t? We’re talking about untouched ornaments, flowerless vases, candleless candleholders. The knickknacks, brick a brack, trinkets, gimcracks, baubles, gewgaws, thingamabobs, whatchamacallits and whatchahooies you collect to embellish your surfaces. Not only do these items take some serious tongue-twisting to pronounce, they take up precious surface space. And even worse, they collect dust. Layers of the stuff. Dust that gets into awkward corners, nooks and crannies, dust that doesn’t go away easily.

But worry not. We have the perfect answer to difficult dusting, space saving and home-making. It involves eliminating the items you really could live without and instead, shifting the focus of your room to a gallery wall.

Of course, you can leave one or two statement pieces, but the rest could be donated to thrift stores, which means doing a good deed at the same time.

At The Frame Studio’s Fort Lauderdale frame store, we meet people almost every week who are looking to reorganize and restructure the focal point of their rooms. And who can blame them? Where’s the sense in chaotic countertops and bare walls? Those big, blank concrete canvases are crying out to be adorned with beautiful, cohesive collections of . Photographs that usually stay hidden away in an album can get the lease on life they deserve. And, if you have any trinkets with which you cannot bear to part, why not frame them! At The Frame Studio, we can custom frame just about anything (custom shadowboxes are all the rage right now!).

So, getting back to our big question: love, life, laughter, family and friends are the things that really make a house a home. But beautifully custom-framed photographs of love, life, laughter, family and friends can help, too. Plus, one quick swipe with a feather duster and you’re done!

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