Michael Jackson and His Art

Lincoln by Michael JacksonWe at The Frame Studio are always fascinated by singers who are also artists.  Is it possible to have that much talent in one person?  Sure!  Look at John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, or Marilyn Manson – their art even seems to echo their music in mood and ease.  What about Michael Jackson?  Well, a new client came in to The Frame Studio recently to frame two of Michael Jackson’s prints.  We had no idea that he was an artist, too!  Working along with the client, we found great custom framing combinations for both pieces. The glossy black frame accentuates the swirling lines of the image, while the pink fillet brings a little bit of pop to the fine chalk lines.  Abraham Lincoln looks stately in his wood veneer and suede mat, accented with a dark fillet to bring the detail of the outside edge of the frame closer to the art.

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