Programs and Tickets

Big bowl games and the end of a season games usually hold a lot of sentimental value to die hard fans, and this framing was no exception for this client. This example really exemplifies how holding onto little things from events like these can make for a great piece that brings back all the emotion you experienced while you were at the event. This client has been a fan of the Miami Hurricanes his whole life even when he went away to the University of Florida he still remained a fan. So, framing these tickets and programs was an easy decision for him. In my opinion the best design is a simple design and these two frames are great examples of this principle. These are simple black frames with a black under matte, and the top matte is white with an orange core raised up so it is flush with the top of the magazine. I also raised the tickets to make it the same height as the magazine and matte. This design is clean and will look great for years and years where ever they are hung.

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