Road Race Shadow Box

Husband and daughters show their support for the woman who crossed the finish line by surprising her with the awesome shadow box of her accomplishment.  Bela incorporated some new design elements that make this piece special.  Usually where the medal is hanging you would see the back of the t-shirt.  Custom framed by The Frame Studio in Fort Lauderdale.

One thought on “Road Race Shadow Box

  1. Nice work. You definitely created the impression that the medal is currently hanging around the “wearer’s” neck, and I agree, the tag would have ruined the image.

    Nice job also with the thin matting around the runner’s number. I’ve run in the Peachtree Road Race here a few times, and framed several shadowboxes with the t-shirts they give to the runners, along with their numbers. The number tags definitely do get “crinkled” and dogeared. With the mat around the edge (and I am assuming mounting to a backing) you really cleaned up the appearance.

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