Robert brought in this picture of a Bald eagle that he had hanging in his home for years.  He loved the piece but felt it needed a make over. With a little TLC from Mayra and Bela.  That eagle has a new lease on life. Robert chose to go with a Larson-Juhl Charcoal Antica, with a barely blue mat to accent the colors and was so pleased with the end result, he brought us a dozen doughnuts to say "Thanks!"
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Make your accomplishments stand out

This is woman is not shy about her accomplishments and why should she be...?  This looked amazing.  Both of these diplomas had been damaged from years of poor storage, but Bela was able to improve the look with some trade secrets.  The damage was not at all noticeable.  This chunky, black with silver edge trim, went perfectly with the bold red mat and black bottom mat.
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