The Art Of Traveling

Ah, vacations; music to our ears! The change of scenery, the break from the daily grind, there are so many great things about them. They help boost productivity on your return and recent studies have shown that they may help you live longer.

Well, as if you needed it, we just found one more excuse to travel: Vacation Art.

Traveling is an incredibly exciting thing in itself, but bringing a little piece of your destination back home with you makes it even more so. Plus, providing you don’t vacation with your neighbors and have the same taste in artwork, it’s a great opportunity to accumulate pieces that nobody else on the block will have.

With The Frame Studio’s professional framing solutions, we’ll help make your home a beautiful reflection of the places you’ve visited. With a huge selection of frames, mats and even glass, your vacation art will be a unique conversation piece that displays your personality as well as your journeys.

Unlike buying a collection of artwork from the same artist, when you collect art from the various places you visit, each piece has a style of its own. So it’s understandable that your collection might be somewhat eclectic. But with consistent custom framing, our experts can help bring a cohesive feeling to your walls, telling the story of your journeys without looking disparate or jumbled.

So when you’ve unpacked and shaken the sand out of your suitcase, bring your vacation art to The Frame Studio, your local Fort Lauderdale frame store. And don’t stop at the paintings. We can custom frame display rugs, ornaments, carvings and much more, so you can get creative! Just remember to pack them securely on your return journey. Use plenty of bubble wrap and be sure to mark the item as ‘fragile’.

Whether it’s oval or just oversized and whether it came from Cincinnati or Sicily, professional custom framing with The Frame Studio will make framing it easy on you. The hardest part is deciding on the artwork in the first place.

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