The Color of Whimsy

Whimsical art framed by THE FRAME STUDIO
Whimsical art
framed by

Some people push whimsical art into the background, leaving it as a creative afterthought.  We at THE FRAME STUDIO figure – why not take that playfully humorous piece, and treat it in an more appropriate manner; it is art, after all!  Our client just loved this piece and decided to dress it up to the nines.  This custom framed art work is shown here with it’s artist adorned mat, framed with Roma’s thin Lavo frame in shimmering green, capped with Roma’s Vintage urban white frame.  The art work is treated as true art, and not a footnote.

So bring us your Dr. Seuss sketches, your animation cells, your children’s drawings – we can give them the attention they deserve.

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