The Little Tow Boat That Could

Kim, is a frequent and favorite client of Little’s Photography. She has done underwater shoots with her children and had them framed at The Frame Studio. She recently brought in a sentimental piece for framing. It was an old poem with drawings that her mother-in-law found in an old book. The poem was written by Kim’s husband Jim when he was little. Jimmy’s teacher had asked he and his classmates to write about something they were interested in; he chose to write about tow boats. He even illustrated his writing with a nice little drawing of a tow boat. Now fast forward to today, and Jim owns his own tow boat company. Boy, who knew he was that interested in tow boats?

We chose a mat and frame combination that would work with the art work, and the space it was going into.  The mats we chose accentuated the aged look of the piece while brightening it up a bit.  The frame helps pull in the breezy beach look of the room, while still working with the art work.

Does your little one make pictures of what they want to be when they grow up? Why not get it framed and immortalize their dreams. Who knows, they may even come true – look at Kate Middleton.

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