Canvas Stretching Fort Lauderdale

Why Choose The Frame Studio for Canvas Stretching

Using several depths of stretcher bars, The Frame Studio in Fort Lauderdale, FL offers supreme canvas gallery stretching services.  This involves us professionally stretching your canvas and affixing it to a custom-made, ready-to-hang frame of your choice. Canvas stretching, also known as canvas wrapping, is done to both preserve the artwork and prepare it for framing.

Framing Stretched Canvases

After the canvas stretching has been completed by our staff, The Frame Studio will offer you several framing options for your piece.

Floater Frame: The floater frame is an “L” shaped frame that exposes the edges of the canvas.  This frame will give the appearance of your stretched canvas floating in the middle of the frame or you have the option of having the canvas snug up to the edge of the floater.  In either case, the edge of the wrapped canvas is never covered by the frame.

Standard Wood Frame: When using a standard wood frame for your stretched canvas, the lip of the frame will slightly cover the edge of the canvas. Wood frames are a great way to give a nice finishing touch to your custom stretched canvas.

No Frame: Lastly, a popular option for canvas stretching is to leave the artwork “as is” with no frame at all.  With canvas wrapping/stretching, the unpainted or unprinted parts of the canvas are not seen on the sides, therefore the piece looks complete and professional after it is stretched.  For those who prefer this display option, we will add a wire or wire hanger to the back of the stretcher so your design is ready to be hung unframed.

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A properly stretched canvas on a well-built stretcher will not only create the perfect display, but will protect your work of art for years to come.  The Frame Studio prides itself on its custom canvas stretching and will provide you with the professional final product that you desire. Contact us today to let us create your perfect stretched canvas.