Shadow Box Display Cases Fort Lauderdale

Why Choose The Frame Studio for your Shadow Box Display Cases

The Frame Studio in Fort Lauderdale, FL knows the detail that goes into creating a unique and professional looking shadow box display case.  Shadow boxes offer a classy way to display your favorite collectibles and pictures so they do not become confined to a box on a shelf.

Types of Shadow Box Display Cases

Shadow box display cases can be used to showcase one dimensional pieces as well as 3-D objects.  Whether it be your favorite mementos, a timeless piece of art or your favorite sports memorabilia, The Frame Studio will customize your piece to make it original to you.

3-D Objects: Our experienced staff can guide you through framing 3-D objects by helping you select the right framing solution for your artwork.  Most 3D objects will require the use of a box frame. We will ensure that the correct sized frame and materials are used to customize your piece.

Sports Memorabilia: A common use of shadow box display cases is to frame and display sports memorabilia.  The Frame Studio is skilled in shadow box framing objects such as sports jerseys, balls, helmets and more.

UV Filtering Glass and Acrylic: We realize that items you are interested in displaying in shadow boxes are prized possessions.  If you are concerned about the fading or preservation of your custom shadow box display, ask us about our UV filtering glass and acrylic options.

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At The Frame Studio we have developed a variety of methods to ensure you are satisfied with your custom shadow box display case and that your 3D objects stay put.  Our shadow box display cases are made to order and we work specifically to ensure the requirements of the client are met. Contact us now for a quote and let us guide you through the available options for your project.