Custom framing for original art, prints and photographs.

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Original Art, Prints & Photographs

So you've bought or made something you really love. Now how are you going to display it?

Having an unframed piece you love can be a bit of a hassle. So many choices! What to do? At The Frame Studio in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we use a good-better-best approach. Come in and see why our clients love the flexible guidance we offer that makes the entire process easy and enjoyable.

Types of original art, prints & photographs

Original Art

Custom framing is a key factor in the brilliance of a piece. It not only enhances the final look, but also protects it while adding value.


Custom framing allows you to set the tone for your print by choosing which nuances of color and texture to highlight. You might not have the only version of the art, but how you choose to frame it makes it unique.


Only custom framing can protect your memories from light and humidity damage over time. Additionally, it can draw attention to your subject while enhancing the look of the overall piece.

Our simple process

Framing Session

Step 1

We Ask Questions

Learning about your piece, where it will live, and the why behind the project, is an important 1st step. Our guidance is based on what we see and hear.

Good Better Best

Step 2

Good - Better - Best

Whether it’s your budget or the significance of the piece, we can show you great choices at multiple price points. You choose what’s right for you.

Step 3

We Craft and Deliver

Our craftsmen manage every detail of your project. It never leaves our shop. In most cases 2 weeks or less, it is ready for pick-up or delivery. It’s that simple.

Need more information?

If you’re like most of us, when you’re not sure how to finish a project, you let it sit for a while… a long while. Let us make it easy for you; it’s what we’ve been doing best since 2007. We promise, no one tries to sell you things you don’t need or want. You can count on real, authentic customer service from start to finish. Click, call, or just bring your piece in, and we’ll handle the rest.

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