How Much Should Framing Cost?

We have been asked if there is a formula for how much you should spend on framing compared to how much you spent on the art.  There is no formula.  We have been told, “I only spent $3 on this art I bought on vacation, I don’t want to spend a lot on the framing”.  We get it, sometimes you have something you want to hang that didn’t cost a lot – but guess what – frame pricing goes by the size of the art, not the value of the art. If you had a Picasso and a flea market painting that are the same size – pick any frame and it would cost the same on both.  Look at this cheap find.  The client only spent a few dollars on this vintage scarf at a thrift store, but spent quite a bit more on good framing – and now she has a cool vintage piece of Florida in her living room.  It doesn’t look like someone’s cast away with this kind of framing, does it? We do have a wide range of frames – priced from good, better, and best.  We can help you pick what fits your budget, but try to forget about how much you spent on the art and think about how much you want it to LOOK LIKE you spent on the art.

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