Weddings are some of the most memorable moments in our lives, so why not take the time to do an original framing that will reflect these wonderful times? These are two examples of Ketubahs that are beautifully framed. The first one, with the gold frame, is simple yet elegant moving the viewers attention to the details within the artwork outlining the ketubah. This particular piece would look very nice arranged on a wall with other pictures from the wedding complimenting the ketubah. The second ketubah would look very nice above a mantle piece as the center of attention in a room. This frame has nice bevels leading to the matte, which is a suede material. The fillet is a very nice touch on this framing since it matches the bevel on the frame and adds consistency to the whole piece. Whatever the occasion, whatever the environment where the piece will end up, The Frame Studio will frame your memories so they may be treasured forever.


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