Please Pay Attention to the Sunset

We would like to start out by thanking all of those who work in essential businesses, emergency services, and the health care industries who continue to work to help us all through these trying times.  We would also like to thank all of those who work in non-essential businesses who continue to stay home and shelter in place so those who do need to still work, can do so with less chance of exposure to COVID 19, and help us to flatten out the curve.

We were required to close by order of Broward County as a non-essential business to protect our community from COVID19. We value our customers and will be checking our voicemail regularly to make sure that you are being taken care of. We plan to reopen as soon as we are allowed.

Now is your chance to play with your kids, to read that book, to learn something new.  However you use your time, make sure to stop pay attention to the colors of the sunset, video chat with your old friends to ease the tension you feel, and call loved ones to make sure they are ok.

Please be safe and be kind to one another during this stressful time. We will see you soon. Thank you

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