Blue Vase, Delphinium Bouquet by Tom Vieth

Artaissance piece that is charming and sunny.  Tom Vieth is known for his use of bold color.  See below also his piece "folded blue umbrella's".  We don't have this second one... yet.  :-) We framed Blue Vase in Monterey - Craig Ponzio's signature line.  We used a linen liner as well. Come into our little frame shop in Fort Lauderdale and see what a difference the right frame can make to revive some of the older pieces you may already have.
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Fiery Fall by Teri Jonas

This 20x20 canvas is another selection from Artaissance.  One of the best things about this online art gallery is you can select any size you wish. Mayra picked out a Larson Juhl frame -Rubens Alizarian Crimson Come by our Fort Lauderdale frame shop to see it.
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In His Arms 1 by Marysia

I have been admiring this piece for a long time on the Artaissance website.  Bela finally let me order it for the store. It is so passionate and I was thrilled when it arrive. Lot's of people will choose not to frame a streched canvas.  Most of the time it is to avoid the cost of a frame.  Until this particular piece I would say, "Sure, you can just hang it like it is." I HAVE BEEN FOREVER CHANGED!  Look at these before and after shots.  The right frame brings the piece to life.  Don't you agree? Stop by our Fort Lauderdale shop and see it for yourself.
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