fine custom frames

Interesting and unique frames for fine art

Do you have an interesting piece of art and are not sure how to frame it? Fine custom frames come in every shape, size, and material imaginable. Here at The Frame Studio, you can be sure to find that one frame that makes your art work stand out. We wanted to find a special frame to showcase this unique piece of art, a drawing done by Ecuadorian artist, Guayasamín. The client loved the edginess of this corrugated metal frame by Laville.  Laville frames are all reclaimed, recycled, and restored materials from New Orleans, Louisiana.
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You Get What You Pay For

In today’s economy everybody is looking for the best deal possible…but when it comes to comparing framing, it is important to realize that all frames and framing services are not created equal. With the opening of a new chain store that offers “discounted framing” down the street from The Frame Studio we are seeing more price comparisons happening these days. The discount frame shop features a 60% off discount every day of the week off of low quality frames that you would not find at The Frame Studio. And keep in mind, the discount does not apply to the matting and glass. Not to mention, when...
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