The Art of it All

Hello, my name is Bari Lynn Wiggins and I have recently joined the team here at The Frame Studio.

Coming to work here at The Frame Studio has been an education in custom framing.

Everyone talks about or looks for artisan products.  It is as much the “in” thing to do as farm to table, and locavore dining.  Well if you want hand crafted, well made, simply gorgeous frames in Fort Lauderdale you need to check out Bela’s work.   The selection of frames to choose from is vast and includes Roma, Larson Juhl, Laville and many more, all in lots of beautiful colors and textures.  It is a simple part of our service to spend time with you selecting the frame, matting, style and organization then the personal stuff really begins. It is truly a process that is designed for one on one personal custom service.  I love watching Bela as he works, the concentration, precision and custom artistry is fascinating to me.  This isn’t dime store stuff.

I am looking forward to watching and learning all about the framing process.

Can’t wait to see this photo in its frame….

Bari, John & Coleman

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